Welcome to TSUWABUKI, one and only private villa nestled
in the tranquil forest of Nakijin, northern area of Okinawa main island.
As it is exclusive for a group of two or three guests,
you can experience the perfect relaxation to leave the world behind and unwind your body and mind.



TSUWABUKI is composed of three areas,
SATOYAMA is completely exclusive for the guests.



Guest parking and reception are located in SHURAKU. Entering reception, guests would find a beautiful counter named “Ryurei” for tea ceremony, created by the artist, Koichi Uchida.
Welcome drink would be served here for check-in and briefing villa information.
We would also offer a concierge service for the guests to enjoy the best relaxing time at TSUWABUKI.



A two-story house is located in the heart of SATOYAMA. The upper floor with a great view of Nakijin and ocean, is equipped with two semi-double beds and one daybed. At the time of morning light, the room would have delicious breeze blowing from ocean-side window toward forest-side window.
The bedroom’s windows are uncurtained for the guests to feel in union with nature all the time. Please request if a special cloth created by kitta, local textile creator for partitioning off part of bed area.
This unique building attracts guest for its precious construction materials including Ryukyu limestone for stairway, cypress for room floor and walls, and also its triple-layered structure using reinforced concrete (RC), steel and wood which is very rare for architecture.



Our dining room is open to garden with a view of Kouri Island. A guest kitchen is equipped with burner, refrigerator, oven, dishes and the others necessary for cooking. Please feel free to use anytime but late at night and early in the morning.
*Condiments would be ready upon guest’s request. Please request at the time of reservation.

Dinner We would arrange a private chef for your dinner at extra charge. Please request at the time of reservation.
Breakfast The guests would be served traditional Japanese breakfast including organic rice cooked in Kamado, traditional Japanese cook stove in the villa and side dishes of local vegetables. *Vegan diet is also available. Please request at the time of reservation.



Open-air bathroom is located at the edge of SATOYAMA. Guests would be able to enjoy the bath for 24 hours at preferred water temperature such as cold in summer and hot in winter.
*Appreciate understanding that bugs might enter the bathroom especially in summer season.


  • Please kindly advise in advance about the dress/shoe sizes of all guests for preparing the loungewear and sandals.
  • Bugs might enter rooms due to villa situated in the forest although all the rooms have insect repellent.
  • Please refrain from smoking in the rooms and smoke in designate area for prevention of forest fire.
  • Any other persons than the villa guests are not permitted to enter the villa site due to security reasons and fire laws.

55,000 JPY (Including all taxes) per person for the case of double occupancy

  • The same room rate is applied throughout the year regardless of weekends, peak seasons including year end and new-year holidays.
  • 10% discount would be available for the stays from the 2nd night onwards.
  • Guests are kindly recommended consecutive stay for maximizing the benefit of stay.
  • The same rate of double occupancy would be applied to that of solitary guest.
  • Please contact us if you wish to stay our villa with three persons.
  • Children under 12 years are not allowed to stay.
Cancellation Policy Cancellation fee will be charged based on the timing of cancellation as below.
Within 14 days of arrival date| 30%
Within 7 days of arrival date | 50%
Within 3 days of arrival date | 80%
On the day or No show | 100%
Check-in | Check-out 3:00 pm | 11:00 am
Amenity Loungewear, Bath towels, Face towels, Body towels, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap, Toothbrushes, Hair dryer
Internet Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi is available at all buildings


内田 鋼一

“TSUWABUKI was born in the rich pristine forest in Nakijin, located in the northern part of Motobu Peninsula on Okinawa’s main island. Standing there, having the view of the huge and deep ocean, TSUWABUKI, consisting of four different buildings of different functions, would show the guests a different way of travel in Okinawa. I am pleased to be involved in such a wonderful ‘place’, ‘opportunity’, and ‘people’ to the best of my ability”

Ceramic artist, plastic artist, and art director. He has lived and worked in kilns and ateliers around the world including Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America, acquiring his skills while working on site. Now he has held exhibitions at museums and galleries in Japan and abroad. He also has published many books, including “UCHIDA KOICHI” (Kyuryudo) and “MADE IN JAPAN” (Anonima Studio). In 2015, he opened “BANKO archive design museum” in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, which collects and archives Banko-yaki pottery produced during the period from the Meiji to Showa era. He was awarded the Japan Ceramics Society Prize in 2019. He supervised “KATACHI museum” opened in 2021, specializing Japan’s culinary culture through kitchen utensils in VISON, Taki Town, Mie Prefecture.

山口 博之

“When people admire the nature, landscapes come to life. Artists and craftsmen responded to this forest. As an architect, I was pleased to witness the birth of numerous landscapes. TSUWABUKI is a ‘style’ where architecture, garden, and forest have become one. I really hope this place evokes unique ‘landscape’ for each and every one of the guests”.

1977 Born in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture
2001 Graduated from Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Design, Architecture
2006 Moved to Okinawa
2007 Established Architecture ici.
2022 Established Architecture ici Co. Representative Director.
The company conducts design and construction mainly on the main island of Okinawa, based on the concept that architecture is the act of translating the language of nature into the human language.


Based in northern Okinawa, creating clothing and spatial designs in relation to nature and people, while making sure that her work flows consistently, from the point where things are born and to the point when things are sent back to earth, all within the process of growing and cultivating natural dyes, and in the process, using firewood and fermentation, as well as design and sewing.

Yosuke Yamaguchi

Born in 1980, Hasami-cho, Nagasaki Prefecture. After graduating from high school, trained under a gardener in Kyoto and moved to England to study gardening. While in charge of the Japanese garden at KEW, the Royal Botanical Gardens, studied gardening rooted in the British way of life. After returning to Japan, established a base in Nagasaki, Japan, and has created gardens in Japan and around the world.

mokushikkou tokeshi

Lacquerware studio of Ai Tokeshi a lacquer artist, and Hiroyuki Tokeshi, a woodworker.


  • Approximately one and a half hour drive from Naha Airport
  • Public Transportation
    • Yanbaru Express Bus
      Drop-off point : Nakijin Joseki-iriguchi (entrance of Nakijin Castle Ruins)
      Free hotel-car pick up at the bus stop for our villa is available
    • Express bus (Okinawa bus Ltd.)
      Drop-off point:Nago Bus Terminal
      Free hotel-car pick up at the bus stop for our villa is available
  • Pick-up service by hotel-car at Naha Airport. Please consult with us for fare.
  • Rent-a-car
    Guests are recommended to make a reservation early in advance.